Best Treadmill on the Market

Buying the best treadmill doesn’t come easy and effortless as tons of products are out on the market right now all claiming to be the best and most excellent. Added to this is the marketing hype that each manufacturer produces to make their own product the most exceptional amongst all. If you are looking for best treadmill, comparing specs and prices is not enough to get what you want.

You need to understand first how best rated treadmills are classified. Read further on this article to discover not just the best value treadmills present on the market right now but understand how these fitness machines are rated.

There are two types of treadmill ratings that you need to realize before making any purchase. First is the consumer treadmill rating and the expert treadmill rating. These two evaluations clearly differ from each other and they greatly affect the “best rated treadmill” most consumers are looking at.

  1. Consumer treadmill ratings – they are your ordinary customer oriented ratings. Those who bought the product, people who tried it, buyers who purchased the equipment, and all others. Note that consumer treadmill ratings are purely subjective depending on the assessment of the customer. Most of the time, one rating doesn’t agree to the other and that is because people in nature have different opinions.
  2. Expert treadmill ratings – if you want reliable reviews or ratings on best value treadmills, expert treadmill ratings are more valuable. These ratings are done by those who have precise knowledge and info about the product; they can be fitness trainers or gym trainers. They usually label treadmills as “best quality treadmill” based on the specs, power, features, and other objective cues of the product. Hence, they are more unbiased.

Some of the best rated treadmills according to experts are:find them at website

  1. Nordic Track Treadmill – 2004 Best Brand by Sport Market Group
  2. Nordic Track C2155 – Best Treadmillby Prevention Magazine 2008
  3. Smooth 5.65– Best Budget by
  4. Landice Treadmill – No. 1 Customer Satisfaction by Runner’s World
  5. Landice L7 – Recommended Best Buy by Consumer Guide

When buying best treadmills, don’t just rely on its ratings but moreover assess where the evaluation is coming from.

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